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Birthdate:Jan 7
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"One minute you're waiting for the sky to fall
The next you're dazzled by the beauty of it all"

Business brain, hippie heart, old writer's soul.

Interests (137):

80s popculture, ali hewson, anthropology, art interpretation, australia, autumn, b.c., baking, barbecues, bbc news, beagles, biking, blogging, bono, bubble wrap, calgary, chatting, chicago, child protection, chocolate, christmas, coffee, coldplay, collages, computers, coping, counselling, creative writing, dan brown, dancing, dating, deviantart, dreams, driving, drums, eating disorders, edmonton, electric guitar, europe, fashion, fiji, freemasons, friends, gaelic, h&m, halloween, happy bunny, hell's kitchen, high heels, hippie, house, ice cream, ice skating, iceland, internet art, inuit art, ireland, jacob connexions, jogging, journalling, kissing, knight's templar, lactose-free recipes, laughing, life on mars (uk), live 8, live aid, lush cosmetics, makeup, mental health, michael hutchence, minnesota, movies, music, napping, native art, neo-pagan, new zealand, nordic europe, nunavut, order of eastern star, pagan, paganism, pancakes, paranormal, parties, photography, piercings, pomegranates, psychology, pubbing, reading, roadtrips, rock concerts, rockabilly, rollerblading, seattle, self-defense, sex, shopping, skittles, sleeping, smudging, snow falling, social work, sociology, sour candy, special k cereal, spirituality, starbucks, stephen king novels, storms, studying abroad, sunsets, sushi, suspense, swimming, tattoos, tea, the killers, the rick mercer report, the x files, travelling, true crime stories, u2, united church of canada, universalist, vancouver, vodka, volunteering, wire in the blood, world culture, world religion, writing,, x files, yoga
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